How To Disable the Screen Lock Gnome Feature Kali Linux


In this article, I am gonna show how to disable the lock screen in Kali Linux. Go to the  Kali Linux settings,  Go to the Privacy on the left menu, and then click on Screen Lock. Or you can search for privacy and click on the privacy “link”. And you can change the timing of  Screen Lock or turn it off.

In the drop-down Application-menu choose:

  • Search the Setting option
  • This opens the window All Settings. Here, click on Power
  • Power Saving Set the time which you want.
  • Now come back to All Setting and go to Privacy Option which opens another window, where you see Screen Lock is ON turn it OFF

Now you finally Lock Screen is permanently disabled.

And follow the Steps Please Watch the VIDEO.

How To Disable The Screen Lock Feature in Kali Linux 2020

How To Disable The Screen Lock Feature in Kali Linux 2020.4

In the Kali Linux 2020.1, we have default Desktop Environment is Xfce where we have some changes to disable the lock screen. First, you have to go to the Settings and then you have to click on Power Manager. Now you have to click on the Display tab and here you have to check the settings and you can turn it off.

How To Disable The Screen Lock Feature in Kali Linux 2020.1


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