What Is The Surface Web, Deep Web & Dark Web?

What Is The Surface Web,Deep Web & Dark Web?

In this article, I am gonna talk about the Internet three most important thing which is Surface Web, Deep Web & Dark Web. Today the Internet is full of information and most people depend on it. Everyone searches on the internet according to their interest and gain all information about it from many different platforms like google, bing, yahoo, etc. The web is comprised of billions of servers associated together and share data everywhere throughout the world.
A lot of people don’t know that the web is divided into three categories, which are The Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web? So today we can talk about these three categories.

Surface Web:

The surface web is the normal web that is everyone knows and it is visible for all users who use the internet. The websites on the surface web are mostly indexed or promoted by search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  All these are the search engines where users come and search the content accordingly his/her needs. The user can open websites and collect information. But the interesting thing is that on the surface web have only 4% of the content is only available for the general public in the entire ocean of the web. The internet is a huge and vast amount of information but the big amount of people don’t know. And they think only what they see only this is the internet nothing else.

surface web which you use daily bases like google,Facebook YouTube

Deep Web:

The deep web is the secret web that is not visible for the normal user only who has access and who is authorized can access and use the information. It is a group of many different websites or many pages but they are not indexed by search engines. It is used to storing most personal information like Cloud storage, any Organization’s Personal Data, and Military Data, etc.

dark web where you get all things illeglly

Dark Web:

The dark web also known as the darknet, it is an encrypted part of the internet that isn’t indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The dark web is a subdirectory of the deep web. It is not a dark web or nor a deep web pages are seen on search engine results pages, but deep web pages can be obtained or accessed by anyone with a browser that knows the URL. Dark web pages need special software such as the Tor browser with the appropriate decryption key, in addition to access rights and understanding of the place to find the content.
The Dark Web is composed of Networks and may only be accessed with special software (based on the network you would like to connect to, together with TOR Network employing the TOR proxy and proxy ) and specifically configured network settings, which means you properly and anonymously connect with the Network.

Dark web is most open and deep web to use

Here is another thing you have to know about it and understand the working of the dark web. You can think of the dark web is a subdirectory of the deep web. You have to know the difference between deep web and darknet, and the same fact is working here that the internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) are not the same things, they are different things.

The darknet is a network, and the deep web constitutes the chunk of the WWW that is far away to the reach of the search engines. So, we can say that the dark web as the World Wide Web of the darknets like Tor, Freenet, etc.  Which is running there services and websites on the darknet and that is the dark web.
Many dark web websites are banned by the Tor network but the dark web is vast and it can not be totally not cleared. So my opinion about the dark web is that don’t go there because it was illegal according to your location law and I am not responsible for any bad thing.


The writing of this article is only for educational purposes and increases your knowledge about the Tor network.

Important Things To Remember:

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If you are using and follow this tutorial for any illegal purpose, techdhee.in can not be responsible for your action.

My purpose is to educate or share the information who have not, how to secure your self from the Internet, and the world of digital.

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